Sunday, April 5, 2009

Freshie Girls & Boys 2009 Season8

Phnom Penh, Old Stadium on 30th March 2009...
Freshie Girls & Boys contest comes back again for 2009 in Season 8.
I am happy to show those activity photos during the final contest.

Enjoy the shows:

Freshie Girls 2008:

Show in group:

The winner is: G3 and B6


Anonymous said...

So finally here there are. Gotta learn from you the post processing techniques. hehe.

LiMBiZ said...

ohho...It's just simple color correction. You're welcome anytime.

MKMU said...

After they got a winner, hope get a good jobs.


N. Vitou said...

The contest is still the same as before, no update. Anyway, the photos were shot very clear. Are you a professional, LiMBiZ?

Cambodia Sunny said...

what name of Freshie boy N6 ?