Sunday, June 8, 2008

Preah Anrudh Preah Neang Ossa

Chenla Theater, Phnom Penh... The original production of "Preah Anrudh Preah Neang Ossa" (ព្រះ​អនរុទ្ធ និង ព្រះនាង​ឳស្សា) was choreographed by Ms. Pen Sok Huon, Director of the Dance School of the Secondary of Fine Arts with support from the Asian Cultural Council/Rockefeller Mentorship Program in collaboration with Amrita Performing Arts. This weekend, Saturday & Sunday June 7-8 2008 6.00 pm, series of performances is sponsored by ANZ Royal Bank. Big thanks to my friend Rithisal who had given me an authorized photographer card as well as the seat.

Make sure that you should read synopsis in Khmer and English...

Okay, the story seem to be interested, right?
Let have a look at the scene before starting the show.

Role players:
Angels <កិន្នរ>, Preah Anrudh, Garuda(a winged creature), Preah Neang Ossa, Preah Chakrith, Tuosamuk and Krong Pean.

Right, Let's start the story by texts and pictures...

In the kingdom of Norangka, Preah Anrudh leads his soldiers into the forest. he sees some angels playing in a pond.

The prince and his soldiers approach the angels who are frightened and run away. The prince's soldiers chase the angels but the prince, seperated from others, loses his way. Exhausted, he falls asleep under a tree.

The spiritual protector of the tree predicts that Preah Anrudh is fated to be Preah Neang Ossa's lover, and delivers the prince to Preah Neang Ossa's room.

The soldiers cannot find their prince, and inform Preah Chakrith, the grandfather of Preah Anrudh. Preah Chakrith is worried that Preah Anrudh is in trouble and orders the Garuda to fly him to the Kingdom of Demons.

In the Kingdom of Demons, King Krong Pean has a son Tuosamuk(a giant like his father) and a beautiful daughter Preah Neang Ossa. Let's see her beauty.

Previously, the spiritual protector of the tree delivered prince to Preah Neang Ossa. And now Preah Anrudh and Preah Neang Ossa are in love and have slept together.

Tuosamuk comes to Preah Neang Ossa's room to find them together and is furious.

He tells his father who orders his giant soldiers to capture Preah Anrudh and tie him to the tower of his temple.

Be careful, now Krong Pean is arriving!

Tha men men!!!

Preah Chakrith arrives and finds Preah Neang Ossa crying bitterly and proceeds to recount what has transpired. Preah Chakrith casts a magic spell to release Preah Anrudh from the tower and dispatches the couple back to their kingdom.

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edouard said...

Great shots..but i suggest you to adjust/manage its exposure, light with one of photo software management. Me, i prefer adobe's the simple, if not the best, tool on the market.
Did u ever try to shoot in RAW instead of JPEG ?

LiMBiZ said...

Hi edouard,
Thanks for your comment. Shooting in RAW mode is my priority. I sometime used adobe lightroom as well. It is great tool but I prefer Digital Photo Professional from Canon to process image from RAW to JPEG. The quality of the pictures not good cuz blogspot compress it.

Ed Dba said...

yeah you're right but adobe lightroom have more options/features to process the pics than the proper camera convertor softwares...