Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nov Vithou's Wedding

Phnom Penh, Sorya Restaurant on 21 Jan, 2008.

Best Wishes To You !!!


Chorn Sokun said...

Who is the next guy to lost his freedom?

LiMBiZ said...

hahaha...let's see. I'm sure It's not gonna be my turn.

Friend said...


Wish them happy wedding!

Best Wishes

Your Friend

P.S. Those who are out want to come in, but those who are in long to go out :-)

N. Vitou said...

It is late to post a comment in this post, because i just create my blogger account. Thanks for this photos. N.Vithou

LiMBiZ said...

No late in this popular blog...You're welcome all the times.